Factors to be considered when searching for parking at Secure Airport

Before leaving for a holiday or a business trip, many people decide to take their cars to the airport. If you are away for a few days or even months, find a safe parking space for your car to give you invaluable peace of mind. Most airports offer many parking options and the right choice is necessary.

Here are a number of tips to help you choose the best and most convenient parking option.

Professional parking

When parking the vehicle, you will be able to park on the street and park in a secure car park. Do not throw away parking on the street. You risk your car being stolen. Always drive to properly managed parking. Check the security measures available to make sure it meets your requirements. Look at various aspects such as exploration, patrol frequency, presence of fines, etc.


Make sure the parking lot is well lit and provides a safe footpath. The dark area increases the risk of theft and damage, among others. If the parking lot is well lit and well planned, it usually means that it is also of great importance. Today, most parking places are essential for safe and comfortable travel.

Distance to the terminal

Some parking spaces are far from the terminal and require you to either go a long way with your luggage or go a long way in the shuttle bus. Even parking at the terminal may require you to take a bus. Before choosing a parking device, be sure to look away from the terminal. Consider the price too. Typically, the closer the car park is, the higher the charges. If necessary, be sure to check if the shuttle service is easy to use for people with difficulty walking or wheelchairs.


Before you get to the airport, be sure to book a slot for your car. This gives you a parking space and saves money. In addition, you will not have to wait in long queues, which will also save you time. Most parking services allow you to book your place either through your website or via the phone. Be sure to carry all the booking details you might need as a code number or a verification text message.

Parking by hotel

Most airports have hotels near, some of which provide secure parking for guests. Some hotels offer great deals for guests who live there as a free breakfast. If your flight is early in the morning, you can decide to stay overnight in the hotel, allowing you to relax. As these hotels are mostly well run, your car will also be safe with them. This option is more convenient if the hotel offers a free transfer from the terminal.

By having these points in mind, you can have a pleasant journey without the stress of your car's safety.

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Fun Facts about Emirates Airlines

Many of us have the pleasure of traveling on an Emirates flight at some point in our life. And we all know that Emirates has got its name among the best airlines in the world. We are here to keep you informed of the travels of this airline and the vast empire behind it. We've got some fun facts that can surprise you and surprise you at the same time. Get some knowledge and widen your horizons by reading these fun facts about Emirates Airlines And if you have not done so then start booking your air tickets for your summer holidays starting today.

1. The center for all of Emirates' activities is in Dubai. Since it is a business belonging to Arabic, it should not be a shock that the headquarters will also be located in the bay. So if you want to find out where everything is going, just go to Dubai and see your eyes

2. The entire fleet of airlines consists of large vessels that allow all users to have sufficient personal space when departing to their destinations. It also gives you a more luxurious and comfortable ride, which is a trademark of Emirates Airlines.

3. Emirates is also the provider of many of the longest flights that are the longest in the world. During these flights, it runs from a minimum of 12 hours to a maximum of 16 hours without a stop. These flights are from Dubai to Los Angeles, Houston and San Francisco. So if you plan to go that far, is not it better that you travel luxuryly?

4. According to recent reports, Emirates is also a company that cares about the environment. We rarely hear big business magnets who care for the impact they have on the environment. Still, we have Emirates, who not only care about it, but also take long steps to help reduce the impact of their services on the environment and overall improve conditions. In recent years, they have also been working to help them adopt and implement some amazing policies that will allow them to save up to 50% of the energy they originally used. How great it is! Engines used in their fleet save fuel costing more than a million dollars. So it saves the environment and eventually makes savings for itself.

5. Emirates's first-class services are completely unmatched. If you have a first class ticket, get ready to pamper until you feel like a queen or a king. Because that's exactly what the emirates will do for you.

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Take advantage of the travel budget to get more value from your overseas vacations

We all like to save money and when it comes time to travel overseas, it's not entirely different.

To save money on all the elements of your holiday, you have to learn how to create a travel budget.

It is not difficult to create a travel budget. The heaviest, fastest and most important part is abroad. When you create a travel budget, you can literally see much more planets for much less.

When you take the time, take advantage of many available resources and start planning in time, you can save a fantastic amount of cash in cash for renting travel vehicles, guest houses, flights, meals, and even the major attractions of the chosen destination.

Learning how to create a travel budget is easy. All you have to do is find out how much money you have to spend on your journey and how you want to commit, and what to do next.

The first point you should make is to sit down with your laptop or computer or use a credible old pencil and notebook to create a checklist.

The checklist should consist of the following items:

* Monthly household earnings
* Financial savings for households
* Monthly expenses of households (operating costs of households, etc.)
and from work, everyday meals and so on.)

So it's very easy to find out how much money you can postpone every month from your arrival. Just subtract the monthly expenses from the monthly income, and all that remains is the amount you can save on vacation each month.

Once you find your travel budget, you can start planning your vacation. It is important that you always keep this budget.

If you fail to comply with your travel budget, this may result in financial problems abroad. The Internet can be your best resource when planning budget holidays. Many of the major travel agencies, hotels, car rentals and cheap airlines create "on-line" offers.

You also want to find out when the peak season is for the place you have chosen to travel because you can save money by traveling in a serene season. Budget airlines, such as Air Asia, have different prices over a certain period of the year. In other words, during the high season you spend a lot more on tickets and hostels on the site of your trip than you would in the low season.

Trying to save cash on backpacking, like hotels and meals, is long ago something that every backpacker is trying to achieve.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses in different aspects of travel, some will have different aspects.

Cash saving begins with the way you pack your bag.

You have to find out how to be ruthless when packing for a cruise trip in particular.
Most airlines now charge expensive prices if your luggage exceeds that excess baggage. So if your luggage is overweight, it will cost you money!

You can save money by staying in cheap hostels, backpacks or boarding houses, but if there is no lift and several floors, a heavy backpack or bag is the last thing you need after a long flight.

I usually use a worldwide web for booking accommodation and air tickets, seldom with a travel agency.

Resources can be stored directly here because you have overall management of your travel plans. Everything that goes wrong is your responsibility, not a travel agency that is likely or unlikely to be interested in how your holiday will culminate. There are times when an agent can get the best deals and you will know if you have completely reviewed the fees before talking to a travel agent.

I was afraid to fly with budget airlines, but there are some fantastic deals out there with some of the budget businesses. Contracts are just as great as deliveries. You need to know what a regular airline will charge you to get you from your home town to the destination A to B (including your bags). Then explore the current airline for their fare, {destination airport and keep on web certificates. You can save money at different airports. Still, people use air travel because they are limited in time.

Credit cards that have loyalty flyers, if properly used, can reduce the price around the planet's airline. Use them on long-distance planes, unlike short trips.

I'm preventing money transferring at airports abroad because I've found them to charge higher rates than cash exchanges closer to the city.

Men and women think they have to get cash before they leave their arrival factors, and leave them open to higher charges. If you use a web-based reservation, every little thing can be booked before departure and includes a shuttle service from the airport and the train station. This will give you time to think about how much money you will need and use, allowing you to get the currency in the near future, and not spending some bloated rate or high commission.

I wish to use trains when they are abroad, because stations are usually in the city center, mostly they have detailed tables for holidaymakers, and I continually find them to be easier to use in general.

When generating travel expenses for money to take these things into consideration, you might want to save some cash when recruiting the most amazing destinations in the world.

Much More Wonderful Travel Directions for Backpacking in Southeast Asia

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Why Flights to Hong Kong show overdelivery?

Passengers in the United Kingdom who are looking for cheap flights to Hong Kong later on will again experience profiles over their reservations. Dominant carriers such as Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern, Dragon, Cathay Pacific, KLM and British Airways, who continuously add new flights to Hong Kong and Macau, often face an excessive number of passengers willing to explore this part of the world. There can be many reasons.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the Asian and Pacific countries show a higher increase in air traffic. According to IATA Director-General Giovanni Bisignani, "Europe is recovering at half the pace of Asia with a growth in passenger numbers of 7.8 percent, compared to 15.5 percent Asia and Pacific growth." It is interesting to know that the People's Republic of China occupied the largest increase in demand for air transport in June. The Shanghai 2010 World Exposition can be considered as an important opportunity to drive most of China's passengers including Macao. Also, with the introduction of cheap flights to Hong Kong by many airlines many tourists, destinations were diverted to East Asia.

Hong Kong, China's Special Administrative Region (SAR), has attracted travelers from all over the world over the years. The site is well known as the "Perla Orientu" with an incredible blend of ethnicity and modernity. Its islands, namely Cheung Chau and Lantau, are a place of peace. Hong Kong's exotic beaches, especially Tung Wan, Kwun Yam Wan, Cheung Sha and Repulse Bay, are places you'll want over and over again. Gourmet Oriental delicacies will follow your taste buds wherever you go.

Hong Kong is a paradise for those who love shopping. With great shopping malls such as Pacific Place, Times Square and The Landmark, it offers great shopping. Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the best in the world that will allow you to become a child again. The amusement park is divided into four main parts: Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Main Street, USA. Other places that attract millions of passengers to Hong Kong include Ocean Park and Victoria Peak.

It is often visited because of Macau, which is said to be "Oriental Las Vegas". This may be another potential for excessive demand for flights to Hong Kong. Macau is rich in plenty of pleasure, such as the Baroque Catholic Churches, squares and squares, temples, museums and casinos. Most people cover a distance of 40 km from Macau from Hong Kong via trains, helicopters or ferries.

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How to plan a Christmas holiday on the budget

Christmas is just a few days away and it's time to plan your holiday if you are not home this year. However, it is important to note that this is one of the most popular holiday periods of the year because people will have holidays from schools, schools and offices. So you will have to make sure you plan your vacation so that you can make the most of your holiday and money. If you are interested in having a wonderful Christmas holiday without spending a lot of money, there are some tips for you.

Choose a location that is not too far from your birthplace.

Remember that the more you decide, the more money you will have to earn. So, if you do not want to absolutely want to visit a specific place, choose a nearby city or city that you like. This way, you will be able to have a pleasant and unforgettable holiday without traveling too much. But if you plan to travel abroad, you should start early so you do not lose much on the tickets.

Start booking soon to get the cheapest flight

Many people visit their friends and families during Christmas, so most flights are either booked or expensive. So if you do not want to stay behind, you should book your tickets in September so you do not have to make a lot of money. To do this, you must quickly select the place you are visiting.

Select a place that is famous for your Christmas celebrations.

Because you will travel during one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, it will be nice to visit the place where this festival is celebrated with enthusiasm. If you plan to break from family dinners and lunches, then it is best to choose a city or city where you can still enjoy Christmas Eve together with discovering new people.

Pack the light so you do not have to carry a lot of luggage.

During this time, airports will be crowded with people and less taxis will be on the way. So if you do not want to spend a lot of time around you, it's better to fly. Just make sure you pack in your bare basic furniture and winter clothes. This way you can save a lot of time.

Here are some ways you can plan an amazing Christmas holiday with spending a lot of your festival bonus.

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Weather Sydney Sydney (return): Also search on this site -vs- Wego (new window) Select all |

In this article, we would take a brief journey together that shed some light on the eternal charm that Sydney had booked for years and compared flights to one of the most visited cities on Earth.

Fancy is leaving for Sydney? Are you looking forward to a flight to the charming city of Sydney? It's the right moment when you set out to one of the most visited cities in the world that attracted numerous tourists from far and wide. Yes, we are talking about the charming city of Sydney. As we proceed with the article, you will learn about the infinite glorious faces of the city and why numerous pilgrims fly cheap flights to Sydney that simply invite you to party. Known as the largest city in Australia, Sydney is undoubtedly a place where you can capture something so magnetic in the air that you will not get lost in your mind not only until you are in this enchanting city but for years to come. If it is true, there are many avid holidaymakers who have suppressed their memories of having gathered in the city in the album just to enjoy them.

Sydney City welcomes every visitor with wide open hands!

If you are on holiday in beautiful Sydney, there is only one thing that revolves around your mind "wishes you to have more time to catch the magnetic effects of the city." This is because there are countless tourist attractions that await impatiently on the touch of discoveries, but due to the number of limited days in your bag you would not be able to capture each one. You do not have to lose your heart because you can plan a holiday again with your loved ones just to grab those hotspots that you could not cover in the previous tour.

If you compare flights to Sydney

It is clear that you would compare flights to Sydney to get the best deal in many of them. Looking forward to enjoying the sun on the brilliant, sun-drenched beaches in Sydney? Take a cheap flight to Sydney with British Airways and live the moment you waited. Approximate time to land in Sydney from London is 22 hours and 50 minutes. In Singapore, it stops about twelve hours after your flight departs from the British capital where you can enjoy shopping and sightseeing. Just dive into the endless beauty of Sydney.

A number of flights depart from London Heathrow Airport LHR to Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport SYD via a stop in Singapore. So you can become air on your way to Sydney as you wish. There are other major British airports that operate different flights to Sydney, such as Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

So it's time for your dreams to become reality, and explore the amazing country down where different things are waiting for you and you'll be spoiled for choice. Indulge in the amazing sunshine, sparkling beaches and vibrant waters in magical Sydney.

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Plan your holiday Barranquilla: what to do, where to eat and where to stay

The summer holiday season is fast approaching, and if you are looking for a unique journey experience, consider your journey to South America. One of the best times to visit Colombia is in June and July because the country is experiencing a dry season so visitors can experience the country's culture without fear of rain! If you are looking for a vacation that can not be duplicated, consider your trip to Barranquilla. But before you go out, take some time to thoroughly examine what to do, where to eat and where to stay. Although this guide is not all-inclusive, it covers some of the city's best attractions.

What to do in Barranquilla

Whether you live only for adults or traveling with children, do not forget the Barranquilla Zoo. Although the zoo is not as big as some of the world's largest, its size leads to an extraordinary personal visit. Guests will be able to get closer to the animals, which means they get home with amazing photos that can not be found elsewhere. Animals in the zoo include zebras, flamingos, lions, tigers, lemurs and reptiles. Entrance to the zoo is reliably cheap and offers various refreshments and drinks for sale.

The city also has a famous carnival that takes place every year. If you are not lucky enough to match your carnival visit, you can experience it at Sala del Carnaval Elsa Caridi. Here you will be able to get acquainted with the history, music and dancers participating in the city's celebrations.

Where to eat in Barranquilla

Due to the richness of the city on the water, seafood is the main delicacy. If you are looking for delicious seafood, head to Varadero. The food is Cuban and for many weekends you will find a Cuban band playing at the meal. Although the wine list is extensive, many visitors say that mojitos should not be missed. Food at Varadero will refund you at least $ 25, but bring your wallet.

If you are looking for local Colombian fare, go to La Terraza de la Casa. The service is fast and you will even be able to order food if you need to eat on the run. The pork sandwich is supposedly one of the best things on the menu and the food costs only $ 5-10 USD.

Where to Stay in Barranquilla

Visitors can find locally-owned hotels and internationally-known chains in Barranquilla. Favorite places to visit are Estelar En Alto Prado, Hampton Inn, Dann Carlton, Howard Johnson Hotel Versalles and Sonesta Hotel.

Holidays in this part of Colombia can be a once-in-a-lifetime, which means you should explore so much before you go to make sure you do everything you want to do. Whether you are planning a fun holiday, or going to Colombia for a business trip and want to explore the city during your rest, know what to do beforehand, make sure of your trip.

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Airport Hotels With Park Stay Fly Packages – How and Why

When you have an early morning flight and know that you will have to leave your car somewhere in the airport, what are the best options to spend your time in time?

If you like, you do not want to pay excessive parking fees at an airport airport's remote car park. And you do not want to leave your nice car out there to be vandalized or broken. So what are your options?

Personally I like where to park in advance, so when I get to the airport, I know exactly where to go. Without having to go around looking for an open space that is not yet full.

So the first thing I have to do is check the available offers online. With prices that are available from about 6.25 per day to 20.00 per day, I'm very careful to make sure that I get the best deal.

As I'm not too close to the airport, I do not even want to deal with morning traffic with top traffic because I'm afraid to get to the airport in time.

So my first choice is always a sleep package at an airport hotel that I can trust and get me to the airport in time. I'm looking for shops where I would pay as much as the parking itself, at a hotel that has a shuttle to run all night if my flight is really early in the morning.

You were surprised by the treaties that you can get. Sometimes I pay less than if I had to use the parking lot at the airport and I would stay at the hotel at night or night on my way. Everything depends on your needs.

For example, if I know my flight is too late when I get back, I do not want to go home all tired. So I'll have my room when I get back.

The same thing, if my flight leaves early in the morning, I do not want to be half-sleeping at the airport. So I booked my room before.

These park sleep packages are very flexible and if you need to leave the car for several days, it's usually just a small daily fee compared to other parts.

Nowadays, with gas prices, you will be happy to plan parking at the airport and book it in advance, so you do not have to drive through gas waste, just to park your car.

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Ten best tips for safe travel

Travel is one of the most enjoyable and interesting things we can do, but travel comes with some risks. We all know that it is not always possible to travel safely and that some of the things associated with it, such as money and hotel stalls, bring with them other risks. There are dozens of the best travel tips you can use to make your travel safer and more enjoyable.

Everybody should have the time to learn the ten best travel tips that travel in summer or winter.

1. Keep yourself and your children at every moment when the car moves. Keep your little ones or toddlers safely in the back seat. The reason why it is the ten best safe travel tips is obvious. Children are our greatest concern when it comes to traveling.

2. Keep money out of sight. When you stop, you do not see a lot of cash and do not blink at the store. When you can use travel checks as opposed to converting large amounts of strictly cash. When you carry cash, hold them in your car, some to you and some to your husband / wife, so your journey does not depend on one person only. One of the ten best tips to help keep your way if someone is injured or your car is stolen.

3. Keep the first aid kit in the car.

4. Do not try to visit the ATM at night or in the room itself.

5. If you are traveling with children, have them occupied so that you can pay attention to driving where your attention should be. These ten most safe travel tips are one of the most important.

6. Be aware of how it is around you all the time. Make sure you pay attention to where you are children and where others are in relation to them and to you.

7. Hold your luggage or PDA / Palm Pilot near you. Do not allow foreigners to approach luggage or ask them to look at them when you enter the toilet or other areas where you can not see things that you have on an airline or a train / car. If you pay attention to this one of the ten best tips for safe travel, you will ensure that you and your family are safe, as well as others who travel with you when using public transport.

8. Keep your regular medications practical and to your person as opposed to packing all separate from you.

9. Do not wear your most precious jewelery or the most expensive coat with you on vacation. It's in an open call.

10. Do not take your children with you or travel to parts of the country where recommendations have been issued. If it's really holiday, why come to the situation that you are in danger.

Source by Ian Pennington

How to mitigate risks when traveling to a foreign country

No matter whether you are the first or frequent traveler, travel safety begins with you. Some people traveling abroad are part of their office work. They are at risk always when they go abroad.

People in overseas business travel for various reasons, for example:

– attending business meetings / workshops / workshops,
– presentations of academic papers / lectures
– Collection materials for articles or books,

– Performs Hajj or Umrah, etc.

A wise writer is attempting to list the most hazardous struggling overseas land, traveler. It can be divided into five parts, previously premature preparation; at the airport; while in the host country and personal security; hotel safety; and return journey.

Travelers should remember that security measures at airports and hotels are tight and that they must learn to take sensible and prudent travel arrangements. Readers should also note that these ideas are not exhaustive, they should only be used as a guide, and travel tips from other sources should also be considered.

Early Preparation

Based on the writer's own experience, there are not many risks except preparation. This usually includes: a passport; booking two trips; hotel reservation; visa of the host country; currency; any required vaccination; and travel insurance.

Pas is considered to be your own life. It's also the most commonly used document whenever you travel. It is used when applying for a visa, airport check-in, immigration and customs check-in, check-in, pick-up checks (if necessary), etc.

With regard to packaging, individual taste. The golden rule to follow is always the light of the road. Small thieves and handkerchiefs like to use or prey for tired passengers loaded with heavy luggage. Additional safety warnings when packing: pack your luggage yourself; lock your luggage so you can not insert or remove anything; use plain-looking luggage (designer, fantasy or expensive luggage prospects for potential losers); use your luggage and put another one in the luggage compartment; Remove old brands of the destination airline. and to wear the appropriate clothing.

For those who carry a laptop, always first check the type of connector used by the host country – this may be a British three-pole, a European double-pole circle, a US two-line apartment or other. In case of doubt, bring the international adapter. To avoid attracting attention, passengers are encouraged to put their notebooks in non-laptop bags.

You might also want to provide a reasonable amount of medication for common illness such as fever, diarrhea, cough, cold, etc. One last remark does not contain sharp objects, explosive objects, and check-in to the airport at least 3 hours before departure.

It is for your advantage if your organization has a local contact to take care of you when you are in the host country.

At the airport

Passengers should be informed of the following security and safety measures: refrain from carrying luggage or parcels for others; never leave your luggage at the airport or in a safe place, such as the Golden Lounge; Always arrive at the luggage compartment when you leave the aircraft during transit or transit; Avoid talking about your office work, purpose of travel, accommodation, itineraries, etc. with strangers. If you need to put your luggage, put it between your legs.

While in host country and personal security

After completing all landing formalities, the first thing to wait for baggage clearance, if any. Areas of luggage claims are commonly found right behind an immigration counter. When collecting luggage, make sure that the luggage compartment is damaged. Someone working in the airport complex may have tried to manipulate passengers. things, sometimes randomly. If this happens to your luggage, report the safety table immediately.

Before leaving the airport, call a local contact person if you have one. We recommend changing some money to your local currency. You may have to pay a taxi from the airport to the hotel in local currency. In some places, however, you can use the service of one of the renowned taxi counters and the fare is charged to your hotel account.

Passengers may want to note that in some countries US dollars are considered commodities. Pollution of notes will affect the value of the exchange rate. The exchange rate may vary by banknote – higher banknotes charge a higher exchange rate.

If your business meeting takes place outside the hotel, order a hotel taxi for your transport needs. It can be a bit more expensive, but it's safer. Always go after the pairs whenever possible. In many cities, taxes are reliable, but get ready with a little change as to how many taxi drivers it does not have. A small change can also be used as a tip if you feel good about it.

We remind you that it is normal for a security person to request your ID card in exchange for a visitor card. You can give any form of identification number, but never your passport.

To minimize personal trips when traveling overseas, we recommend that you follow the steps below: Inform yourself or register with your country's high commission. Be informed or register with the Country / Region Manager's Office (applicable to some multinational corporations that have overseas offices) keep a low profile and do not expose yourself; do not display money or jewelry in public; carry a cell phone all the time; learn not to trust anyone; try as much as possible to look like a local, such as dressing up; learn to break away from the routine; Do not engage in local civil disputes – Stay in the house; do not drive, so it is possible to prevent traffic accidents; if you were arrested, immediately contact your High Commission for help; Use your shoulder wallet to have your passport, ticket, cash, etc. Never connect with drugs; avoid walking alone and shorten the time spent on the streets; women should not walk alone in the street to avoid unnecessary harassment; and beware of the criminals who represent police personnel as police officers to seize foreign tourists.

Other useful travel tips include: hold both hands free; keep a passport, ticket and cash all the time; make photocopies of passports and tickets, but keep them separate from the originals; be careful when using maps because they indicate that you are a foreigner or a tourist; keep the blood type identity in your wallet / wallet, if available; to correctly place your mobile phone, as the theft is common in some countries; suggest that you bring pasport photography with you; avoid buying too many expensive items using payment cards. Before signing, always check the amount on your credit card purchase credit card. Eat only cooked food and drink bottled drinking water or bottled mineral water; putting a signaling device, e.g., a whistle whistle; Practice the use of a local public telephone, if possible; Learn to divide the location of the valuable items you wear; not to eat and drink from strangers – may be given drugs; and when ordering packaged or preserved liquid, ensure that it is opened only in front of your eyes.

Safety of Hotels

While increasing security, hotels can install a metal detector arc in some countries or use a metal detector to view visitors and visitors.

As a security measure during hotel check-in, a room requirement is not located above the sixth floor, if available. Easier escape in case of emergency, eg fire. Travelers should be sure that rooms on lower floors provide easy access to thieves or intruders. On arrival, put the luggage in front of you.

After check in, bring your own luggage to your room. Travelers arriving late at night may want to ask a bell or a porter to bring the luggage directly to the room and accompany him. When you first enter your hotel room, thoroughly check the room (in the bathroom, connecting door, curtain, cabinet, etc.) to make sure that the room is really empty and safe before closing the door.

To reduce or minimize the risks while staying at the hotel, the following are useful and inefficient: choose a newly built hotel. The manager has certainly installed the latest security gadgets available on the market; check the location of fire and stairs, etc. It is useful when you need to evade or evacuate quickly during an emergency, such as fires, bomb threats, terrorist attacks, earthquakes, etc. Remember that the lift is out of order during operation; For additional protection for you and your valuables, consider using the rubber wedge or door plug you usually use at home; always have a torch with a flashlight with extra batteries – to use when power is interrupted. Some hotels provide a lantern that is usually in the closet; Verify the caller before opening the door; Show Do Not Disturb on the Door; check the hotel whether drinking water can be used. In some countries, you can not drink tap water or boil because it could damage your stomach. Boil the supplied mineral water and prepare drinks; place your blessings on one or two places. It is easier to re-wrap them if you have to avoid it quickly, eg in case of emergency; to prevent theft of the hotel, keep all the things under lock when leaving the room; and if you have planned a meeting in the same hotel where you live, it is in your advantage to first check the location of the room as soon as possible.


For safety reasons, it is safer to travel directly from the hotel to the airport. Passengers should plan ahead when leaving the hotel, as traffic conditions in some cities are unpredictable.
Remaining passengers are required to fill out the exit card. They are also required to pay airport tax, unless it is included in the ticket price.
Again, do not carry a sharp object, explosive objects, and check in at least 3 hours before departure.

Always remember that safety rules are starting with you.

Source by Kamaruddin B Hassan