More Christmas flights to Honolulu

It's a little more than three months to celebrate Christmas, couples and families planning to spend part of the season in Honolulu or some of the Hawaiian Islands. The good news is airlines that expect this trend in tourism and started working on adding flights to their timetables to make sure you can get the flight that works in your plan.

Continental Airlines recently announced that it would add another daily non-stop flight from Houston to Honolulu. This increases the total number of direct flights from Houston to Honolulu to three. The new flight begins on December 17th, and in the afternoon he leaves for Houston around 3:00 and arrives in Honolulu just seven years ago. Note: All times are local.

Meanwhile, people from Air Canada give the people of this country plenty of opportunities to get away from the cold and ice on vacation this winter. Air Canada has announced that it will add a new direct service from Calgary to Honolulu, with connections also in Vancouver BC The main metropolitan airport in Vancouver already has several flight options to travel to Honolulu or Maui. New flights to Calgary will include three week trips to Maui and two to Honolulu.

And while these two carriers are the first steps in adding Honolulu's flights to this Christmas, they will not be the last. If you're even thinking of chasing the Christmas season to any resort, you should start looking for flight options. There are several websites to help you track different flight schedules and fares based on your departure date and party size.

Source by Dexter Michaels