Return to school, dance and party ideas and themes

Is your student body planning a college ball, dance or party? Do you need ideas for your themes? So do not look for more, we can help to ignite your creative juices by going through several factors that determine successful prom.

High School Homecoming

Most School Homecomings are organized by Student Council Advisors. Now, the main idea of ​​returning home is to promote the school spirit. Planning that goes back to home or party is not as deeply involved as your High School Prom. This does not mean that decorations should be overlooked when returning to school.

College Prom

At most colleges their Proms are scheduled for the Junior Class Prom Committee. Promenade is broadcast for high-class students. Two separate proms may be available depending on the size of your junior and senior grades. Some schools in different districts go so far as to combine proms as a result of smaller class sizes. Since college is a formal event, more attention and funding are usually given.

Ideas for dance performance at college

So you and your committee are looking for ideas for your homecoming, dancing or party. Your topics depend mainly on your school's traditions. Try to bind your school mascot. If your party or dance is something more casual then it can be determined. The basic ingredients of a successful school return are music, hype and energy. The company you hire for Michigan DJ can do or break the sale of tickets for the next dance, depending on how the music was balanced. How well your committee hypes aside will determine the result as well. Keep in mind that the energy level of your school dance will be based on how much your group likes.

Topics in High School Teaching

The topic of your high school deserves more attention than a typical return to high school. This means you spend more time choosing a place with a renowned place, chef, photographer and Michigan DJ Company. Here is a list of high school topics you can choose from.

A dream for us

Kiss is just a kiss

Sen noci svatojánské

Night at the Oscars

Night in the clouds

A Night of Secrets

Night on Treasure Island

Night memorable

Night with stars

Red carpet affair

Walking on Broadway

Taste of California

The taste of international flavors

Walk in the Clouds

The thing you remember

Evening in (Place)

Evening stars

Arabian nights

Between my heart and me

Big Band

Born on Be Wild

Box Office Bliss

Bright lights, big city

Broadway backstage

Can not fight the moonlight

Zachycena in a dream

Caribbean nights




Casino de (school name)

Reverend moment

Come what she can

Cupid's ball

I venture to dream

Deep Blue Destiny

The depths of love

Fate is waiting

Fate is waiting

Enchanting under the sea


Eternal Elegance

Everything you want

Fire and Ice (World Crashes)

Fly Me to the Moon

Forever Tonight

From this moment on

Garden Enchantment

Glamor and Glitz or 20 years

I have to believe in spell

Greek Paradise

Happy all the time

Heaven in the eyes

Heaven on Earth

Here's the night

Hollywood Night of the Oscars

Hollywood Night

Horary for Hollywood

An hour of enchantment

I believe

I could not ask for more

I promise you stars

If it's only one night

I'll always remember

In Still of the Night

In Still of the Night

It can be you

It's Jungle Out There

Greater than life

Let the Good Times Roll

The spell under the stars

Magic memories

Mardi gras

Masking balls

Memories of today's night

Memories of Life

Moonlight in paradise

Moonlight on the Nile

Moonlight Rendezvous


Mystical Path

Mystic Twilight

New York, New York

Night in New Orleans

Night with stars

Nightlife 200-

One sweet night

One after the other

Our valued night

Paint city red

Paradise is waiting

Parisian romance / escape

Picture Perfect

Putting on Glitz

Always remember me

Retro Romance

Romance in the park

Saturday Evening Fever

Save the last dance for me

Save for you forever

The banks of Venice

Show me the meaning

Simply Forever

Simply the best

somewhere over the rainbow

Space Odyssey

Spring in Paris

Stand By Me

Star Struck

Starlight Fairytale

One more

Sunset Serenade

The Perfect Prom

The way you love me

These are times

This magical moment

Time after time

The Time of My Life

Tonight is the night

Today's dream … Tomorrow's memory

Tropical Paradise

Under the sea

Underwater paradise



The voice that cares

Waiting for this night

Waiting for this night

Waltz under Blue Moon

What dreams can come

When you believe

With a star

written in the stars

You Will Be In My Heart

Final Dancer for Your Students

Choosing a theme and passing ideas will help you guarantee a fun and unforgettable event. This is a key ingredient in producing an unforgettable prom or home dance. First, think about the kind of prom you want to have, whether you want it to be romantic, fun or mysterious. Most schools develop topics that generally set guidelines for color and decoration. Some schools have become more creative by turning the whole dance party around the theme and ideas. It goes as far as students dress clothes for decorations. Regardless of the topic your committee chooses, make sure it suits the personality and habits of your student body.

Source by Robert Reno