Why fight the New York Speeding Ticket

The first answer most people give when they ask why they should fight their speeding in New York is the points. Accelerated sentencing in NY brings 3 to 11 points depending on the number of MPHs above the limit you are convicted.

21 – 30 mph above speed limit 6 points

31 – 40 mph speed limit 3 points

1 – 10 mph above speed limit 3 points

] 41+ mph over speed limit of 11 points

Better answer is that one should fight their speed limit ticket in New York to prevent too many points being suspended. In other words, it is the result of having too many points that people do not give up.

In New York, if you get more than 10 points, you can be paused. In addition, despite a single conviction beyond the limit of 31 mph (or more), the judge may suspend your license.

The second reason why you fought against your speed in New York are the auto insurance rates. Most people are aware of having a speed ticket on your record (among others) may increase your insurance rates. What many people do not know is that if you have a clean record (no points or accidents) and you are convinced of one minor overrun of your ticket, your premium rates will not increase. For the purpose of insurance, the minimum mileage ticket is such that you are denied that you are driving only 15 mph (or less) above the limit.

With the high premium rates for drivers with clean driving it's important to fight your speed in New York so your speed is as low as possible. Another thing you can do to keep a low speed is to take the driver's safety class. This six-hour session takes 4 points out of the total points in New York and saves 10% of your car insurance.

The ultimate reason to fight the call to speeding in New York is financial. The fine for the NYS limit is at least $ 90. Plus, the state of New York adds a fine of $ 50 to a fine, which makes the cost of the ticket to exceed the limit of $ 140 (or more). In addition, in the event of a 6-point penalty for exceeding the limit (21 mph above or above), the DMV in New York will present another fee called the $ 300 Driver Rating Fee. This fee is increased by $ 75 for each point over 6 on your NY motorist's driving record. Consequently, a conviction for a New York City ticket may be very costly.

As mentioned above, there are three very good reasons to fight your NYS speed, even if you have another clean record. There, it is advisable to consult with a New York City traffic lawyer if you are charged with a high speed ticket in New York, have a bad driver record, or have been subjected to several misdemeanors in New York.

Source by Matt Weiss