Visit to two theme parks in Albufeira

One of the most popular places in Europe for summer holidays is the southern coast of Portugal to Albufeira. It is just a short drive from Faro Airport to Albufeira; the transfers between these two will probably pass you through parts of the stunning coastline that give the area a nickname – the "Gate to the Algarve".

The city has a history dating back to the Roman days when it was known as the Baltum; the tide in trading with North Africans dominated in it got its current name. When you travel to Faro Airport for Albufeira transfers, you can go through a number of attractions that can serve as a potential entertainment if you do not have fun on the beach or do not bore surf or sailing. Make sure your eyes are peeled for the towers and slides of the Acquashow Park and the Zoomarine Ocean and Fun Entertainment Park.

Acquashow Park

Getting to Algarve Gate with easy and efficient Faro Airport to Albufeira transfers, you will see the signs leading to Acquashow Park. The park itself is a unique hybrid of a water park and amusement park that has a good mood. The water park has nine different rides and slides that meet different abilities and ages. From the Lazy River, where you can float and relax, to the crazy fall of the White Autumn, where you slide into a pool of waiting water, on the water castle grounds for younger visitors – there's something for every Acquashow Park. Go to the theme-oriented side of the park without having to dry out before jumping on the water surface, the largest waterway in Europe. With a height of more than 23 meters, excursions and climbs will have your hearts racing before you finally finish your way to another pool with water. In the rest of the park there is also a space center where you can learn how to go to the moon, and even travel to time including characters from Portuguese history in the museum museum itself.

Zoomarine Park

Located just minutes from the center of Albufeira, in the Zoomarine Park, Zoomarine Park offers a mix of excursions and shows combining the finest elements of animal shows, amusement theme park. Make sure you get to your place in time to check the seals and lion lions before you go to dolphin choreography followed by high divers. Then for fun on dry soil, look at the predators and tropical birds on the eastern side of the park. Before you call her day, make sure you visit the aquarium sharks before enjoying the 4D sea turtle adventure and sometimes swim in the Zoomarine Park to cool down – ultimately, enjoy the hot work!

The convenient Faro Airport at Albufeira transfers make it easy and comfortable to book your holiday to this beautiful part of the world. And if you travel with your family, these two theme parks will crash.

Source by Lukas Johannes