What to do if your name is incorrectly typed on your Schengen visa?

When you browse for Schengen visas and final visa applications, the last thing you want to see is spelling or other mistakes. But these things happen, so please make sure that the visa information is correct.

We recently dealt with the situation when the Swiss Embassy made a mistake on the client's visa sticker. Both Visa and Schengen are responsible for checking that all data on the visa sticker match the passport information on the bio page.

We recommend that you thoroughly check all information on Schengen visas when you receive your passport. Do it there and after you leave the visa center where the visa application has been processed. If you have ordered a special delivery, you must make sure that all the information on the visa stamp is correct. What do you need to check specifically? Passport number, first / second name and last name. Also check the date of issue of visas. For a single-entry visa, make sure it is valid from the holiday date. Another thing that needs to be checked is how many days you are allowed to stay in the Schengen area – it must cover the number of days your vacation is booked for.

A simple Schengen entry visa is usually issued for 30 days. Allows the holder one entrance and covers you for only one route.

If you have noticed errors in any of these records, you must immediately contact the visa center either by e-mail or by phone. The best choice would be if you had it right with your passport. Ask them to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

When a different customer encountered this problem, the Consulate simply did not have enough time to correct a misspelling in the last name, because their holiday would begin three days after the visa was issued. It will take at least 3 days to do this if you do it through a visa center, as usually the next day they issue a new visa to the consulate, the next day issue a new visa and the third day is delivered back to the visa center.

What you can do even if you have a lack of time, you can go directly to the consulate. They can give you a new visa there and then the same day.

So what happens if you do not get your bug fixes fixed? Well, it depends on a few things. If it is said that the consulate misspelt your name or surname – one or two incorrect letters – it may not be a big problem and you will probably be in the habit to be fine (even if you have time, contact the consulate and the visa altered!) If you see that the visa displays a completely different name or passport number, you certainly can not travel with this visa. The same is true for bad deadlines – a customs officer in the Schengen country will not want to listen to your explanation of why printed data does not match real data.

Also, remember that spelling mistakes will surely cause customs officers to be suspected of you because mistakes usually indicate counterfeit documents.

Source by Irina Milova