The night before your flight

If you want to avoid high stress, start preparing for your trip a few days before you actually leave. Whether you fly from one country to another in Europe or from one continent to another, it's always good to plan things! You have everything you want to bring with you wrapped. Put the door behind the luggage. Some airline operators allow you to check 24 hours before flying if they fly with any of them, sign up and print a boarding pass (if this is the option). Collect all travel documents (eg Passport, boarding pass, other documents and some cash.) Put them in the transport and put them behind your luggage. I had a small notebook that I recorded all my travel plans. It helped me with the awareness of gate numbers, flight numbers, airlines, etc. Usually I kept my ticket and laptop together. It's nice to have everything together and ready to go only if something is not so smooth on your day trip. You will not have to think about doing something special because you have everything postponed and ready to go.

In addition to having your stuff ready, you have to be ready! it is important at least to sleep at least before sleeping.If your flight is early, try to adjust your plan a few days ago so you can sleep early and get a good night's sleep the night before the flight (if it is soon) set more than one alarm. good at waking up, but better to be safe than to regret – you do not want to miss your flight! The practice I started was the night before I dressed. As I said before, if something does not work smoothly, all you have to do is go to the clothes you have prepared!

Have your shipment arranged the day before your flight. If you are using a taxi, call a taxi and tell them what airport and when your flight is. They can have a good idea of ​​how much time you get – you'll probably want to take two hours from your starting point (you can adjust according to how far you are at the airport)

and ready to go, you can rest because they know that all you have to do next morning will wake up and go! This should actually reduce the stress you feel before traveling. You can make sure you have everything and do not forget about important things because you have enough time to get your things right.

If you do all these things, your level of stress will be reduced by half!

Source by Jennifer C Liechti