Travel Guide to San Diego

San Diego.
San Diego every fantasy traveler! San Diego will fill you with endless adventures; this is a wonderful setting that you can visit all year round. This place is endowed with the divine splendid beauty that will welcome you. Hmmm! What bliss? Who would like to leave this paradise and return home? You can have eyes on nature while sitting on sandy beaches and a spectacular long coast, here you can clean up everyday worries and let yourself relax in nature. San Diego is a complete holiday package for families as well as for couples or loners. World-class events and venues in San Diego leave you busy for a few days. You long for this trip to San Diego and in the afternoon you will stay long after your visit.

San Diego is particularly blamed for the weather and the beaches, but alongside the perfect weather San Diego events and places are also insignificant. These activities annually attract 30 million tourists with their unique entertainment. Inviting different breathtaking events is open to people who belong to different areas of life and have different tastes. A variety of fun and social events await you in San Diego.

1. Events.

It surrounds you with the whirlpool of events and lets you snap around for excitement. Remember that you should have a plethora of holidays in your hand for your trip to San Diego, there are plenty of events and events that you should catch up and of course you do not want to miss. The beautiful climate of this eye-catching country allows to allow activities around the year. The new specialty of San Diego is a dragon decoration and a flying competition held in March on an ocean beach backed by perfect wind kite flying needs. Balboa Park offers an intimate dance, music and art exhibition in American Indian Cultural Days in May, while things are in full swing with a Pacific Beach party party held in Garnet Ave in the same month.

The famous two-day Ocean Beach Fair and Chili Cook-off Street Bash in June is another delight for visitors, coupled with a three-week Del Mar Fair, a mega county fair held at Del Mar Fairgrounds, a banner of musical events and hundreds of carnival rides . In addition, the US Open Sandcastle competition takes place in Imperial Beach, south of Coronado in mid-July. The worst month in August is full of fun and fiesta, the Hillcrest Fest Street Fair is held in one of San Diego's smartest neighborhoods in August. On the San Diego Street Scene scene, the Gaslamp Quarter Party begins in September. Bright, colorful, full boats floating in the San Diego harbor will be a stunning firework in your soul with a fascinating view. This harbor dock decorated with dazzling ships in December is another great event than Christmas, with dozens of sparkling boats that are elegantly floating in San Diego Harbor.

2. San Diego Attractions.

In addition to these encouraging opportunities, there are other respects that inspire, they have to see a period that will fill the thirst of your loving eye and give your soul the comfort of your collection. The room on the beaches kissed the sun while leaving behind your tracks on the sandy shores of San Diego, let the coastal breeze bend your hair, though the mild, dry desert air whispers to you with beautiful, unwritten tunes. Feel one with water; let the blue green clean water rinse lethargy away.

The Sea World.

Yap! Time is wet. Catch in water with a "wet zone" on a stunning performance on the sea world. The Sea World itself is quite interesting attractions for visiting San Diego. It is worthwhile to come to this place to be surprised by this wonderful amusement on marine animals. You have to arrive soon so you will not miss anything because there are long lines here. Additionally, it's the timing of a show that you would hate to miss, of course, and it's only repeated twice a day. Shamu's stunning gray killer whale shows a masterpiece. The tricks that Shamu plays are so graceful and they absorb that by the end of the show you will surely fall in love with this beautiful sea. Shamu-son of the sea loves splashing water to the audience as a souvenir from them on their visit to the marine world. To see the popularity of Shamu, Shamu whale killer has become an unofficial symbol of the city.

You can fulfill your dream of touching the dolphin. Who can resist the love of such an adorable creature? Speak to the exhibition of dolphins with high energy with the most modern effects. You can feed them or see other feeds. Its main leadership is the dolly star decorated with a dolphin show. She stood as a queen among other dolphins. In addition to penguins, sea otters and seals, charming shows also appear. You can have your marine life choreographed with all these special animals. The unique show of domestic animals that go into the water and shows the tricks on the water is also very exciting. If you want to have a little Christmas break from seeing a haunted house, you can give a rest tied up with excitement. Later you can also watch penguins, seals, dolphins, otters and wild sharks that float over clear blue water. Foods in the marine world act as a catalyst for your journey, every food you get is excellent in its quality.

A wild arctic, though a new attraction in the marine world, but equals to entertaining visitors, reviving the tradition of the marine world, gives you insight into the life under the northern seas and ice currents. The main feature of this section is that it displays the image of the iceberg in full spirit; you can really feel the ice and snow and the rocket drops under the screens, which is nothing less than a blessing in the hot summer heat. Another mystery of the wild Arctic admiration is the white beluga whale in the tank on the submarine outlook. Anyway, I can safely say, including all the miracles The Marine World in San Diego remains the kingdom of Sham, it's a place to visit at least once in your life. There are also "Cinderella Strollers" available to take you to the fairyland and seal your vision with a magical sea view along the harbor. The water ski display completes the Sea World entertainment offer. The last, but of course, no doubt the night fire show leaves breathless with amazing glory.

Contemporary Art Museum.

The beaches in San Diego are just about beautiful sun and surfing, definitely much more. If you are not all of a time-consuming animal and want to be enchanted by nature, then the field of these magnificent places tangles your attention; with your visit to every new place your enthusiasm to see another place will be fascinated. If you are interested in history or intellectual satisfaction, the Museum of Contemporary Art is just for you. Surrounded by the charming and picturesque suburb of La Jolly, the Museum of Contemporary Art looks at the brilliant 60s and 70s of the 20th century pop and minimalist, plus you can also explore conceptual works and cross-border art from San Diego and Tijuana. In addition to this conventional museum type, you can also see the informal Maritime Museum in San Diego, which consists of three ships. This museum contains educational tools for both adults and children. These famous boats represent a lifelike vision for their audience.

San Diego Zoo.

The world-famous popularity of the San Diego Zoo is sufficient for its introduction. The San Diego Zoo is proudly located in the famous Balboa Park and is popular for a bouquet of activities. One of the main zoo attractions in San Diego is a collection of exotic animals that will fill you with pleasure. One day it's not enough for the Zoo; try to divide your tour to the Zoo in two days to enjoy it. This zoo serves as a real treat for children. 10 bio-climatic zones from the Arctic Tundra to the Rainforest makes it more interesting. The San Diego Zoo is home to more than 3000 animals, ranging from small to endangered species of different animals. The zoo starts with plants and leads to various zones of the zoo including the best part consisting of the Pandas exhibition and then a huge variety of exotic rare birds that are hard to find easily. It's really great fun to see the hippopotamuses swim under the glass-covered area. You can also serve and touch and enjoy the magnificence of jungle-tigers, gorillas and many other rare endangered species.

A wild park enters into a virtual world due to its geographical environment that replicates in flora and fauna. Enjoy the safari in the cool sky that will give you the overall fascinating view of Balboa Park. Gondola cars are worth the time to feel comfortable viewing the whole area while you are mute floating.
Mission Bay Park.

This park has the largest playground in San Diego. 28 kilometers of coastline, 19 miles of sandy beaches, free parking, great playground, picnic area, barbecue and basketball and volleyball court, what else do you need? This place is home to many activities such as bathing, ice skating, cycling, kayaking, water skiing and water skiing that make fun to children and adults. You can also sail, rent a boat or play golf or tennis.

Or you can simply bathe in the sunshine lying on the beach when you see the kids giggling at the sandy beach. Send a bay to the park with useful maps, but also gift shops where you can buy a souvenir for your friends on their way back home.

Other Places.

In addition to the above-mentioned important places, there are still other places that could be seen. The fascinating picturesque beauty will bring you to utopia. You should visit the old downtown San Diego to explore the rich cultural background of this most beautiful city of America. Do not miss these lists of La Jolla hits, Cabrillo National Monument, Gaslamp, Del Coronado and San Diego de Alcalá.

3. Children's events.

Whenever you plan on a holiday, the first thing that comes to mind is what is the interest of the kids where you are heading? Even most of the time we go on vacation just for kids to enjoy, yes San Diego has plenty of potential to have fun of kids of all ages along with adults at the same time.


Source by Ron Arthur