Buy cheap flights and explore Hong Kong's Pleasures

Hong Kong offers its visitors a brilliant experience. The dynamics of this city hit like a hammer when you enter the airport. Even simple things like drinking local teas or scratching on dark sums and noodles cause a lively upbeat. In short, the city as a magical kitchen, cheerful shopping and absolutely fantastic city tours. Pick up one of these ridiculously cheap tickets to Hong Kong and discover all the gems of this destination. Do not forget to include the following places in your Itinerary.

Times Square

Times Square, with nine storeys of shopping, is probably the largest retail square in Hong Kong. The spectacular exterior with a humongous screen and electronic clock served as a countdown for the 2000s. Times Square is definitely a place where visitors end up spending whatever they save on airline stores to Hong Kong .

Western Market

After a stunning Times Square experience, one can go to the Western market to make a sense of shopping. It is a charming four-storey Edvard building and offers wonderful souvenir shops. On the first floor there are wonderful silk and other fabrics.

The statue of the square

The world has already seen flashes of the square statue in films such as "Tomb Raider II" and "The Dark Knight". Most talked about the buildings in Hong Kong that appear to decorate the square of the statue. These include, for example, Legislative Council, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), China Bank, International Financial Center and St. Louis. Cathedral of Jan. The International Financial Center is one of the world's tallest buildings. In fact, the Statue of the Square will be introducing stunning architectural performances across the entire area.

Wong Tai Temple

The Wong Tai Sin Temple beautifully blends Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian traditions. The temple is named after Wong Tai Sin, accused of an alchemist who allegedly prepared a magic pot that healed every disease. This temple has a brilliant environment with golden ceilings, red pillows and intricate grid decorations. During the celebration of the Chinese New Year, the darkness of Wong Tai Sin becomes a blast into a frantic festive mood.

Victoria Peak

The charming Victoria Peak is a hilltop station from the colonial era. Just take the charming old cable car and get to Victoria Peak. Increasing the top of the tramway end is a popular activity of adrenaline drug addicts. Victoria Peak is the culinary experience of Cafe Deco. Other attractions include the Peak Circuit Walk, breathtaking views of the Peak Tower and shopping in Peak Galleria.

Source by Sam Walker S